Rory McIlroy Would Like To “Kick Tiger Woods’ Ass At Medinah” (Videos)

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Over the course of the next two days, Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy will be side-by-side as they make their way though the popular Bethpage Black course at The Barclays tournament this weekend.  With the two being grouped together for the first two rounds of the tournament, many have been intrigued by what they feel could be a match-up between the top two contenders for the 2012 FedEx Cup (Tiger is currently ranked first in FedEx Cup points, while McIlroy is third), but some have also looked at this pairing as a possible preview of what could be the most highly anticipated singles match-up at this year’s Ryder Cup.

That compelling Ryder Cup match-up between two of the world’s top golfers was certainly on the mind of at last one reporter during yesterday’s press conference prior to the start of The Barclays, as he asked McIlroy whether or not he would like to go up against Tiger in a singles match next month at the Medinah Country Club.  So what was Rory’s response?

“Yeah, I’d love to go out first.  I’d love Tiger to go out first and kick his ass.”

Check it out (1:38 mark):

If you listen closely, you’ll hear someone from the crowd say something as the laughter dies down following McIlroy’s comments.  That someone was Tiger Woods, who was standing at the back of the room during the press conference, and responded to the comments with a friendly, “Good to see you too.”

Make no mistake about it.  While these two may have developed a rivalry on the course, they appear to be getting along quite well off of it, as McIlroy’s comments seemed to be nothing more than a joke between two pals that clearly have the utmost respect or one another.  However, that didn’t stop Tiger from providing a response of his own to Rory’s comments when he took the podium.

When asked whether he was “ready to have his ass kicked by Rory at Medinah,” Woods responded exactly how you would expect the world’s top-ranked golfer to respond:

“At Medinah? No.”

Listen for yourself (12.18):

Sure, they may be friends now, but something tells me that their friendship will be taking a back seat to their competitive nature once the Ryder Cup rolls around.


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