10 Little League World Series Players Who Went On To Star In Sports Other Than Baseball

Every year during the Little League World Series, people do lists of all the players who have actually gone on to become Major Leaguers. But as I’ve already said, that’s kind of boring. You expect a lot of these kids to go on to become big league baseball players. After all, the teams that compete in the event are all local All-Star teams that beat other local All-Star teams. That’s why, instead of a simple list of LLWS players who went on to become play in the big leagues, on Monday I brought you a more exclusive club: LLWS players who went on to play in the real World Series.

Well, today I present you with an ever more exclusive club: Little League World Series players who went on to play sports other than baseball. Leading the way, somewhat surprisingly, are hockey players. After that we’ve got a handful of football players—all quarterbacks—and a single race car driver.

So keep clicking to see who belongs to this exclusive club.

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