15 Best Athlete Excuses For Failing A Drug Test

Last week we discovered that the MVP of the MLB All-Star Game, Melky Cabrera, was caught using steroids and banned for 50 games. That was a big deal, but hardly shocking, since the guy’s numbers took such a huge spike over the last two seasons.

What was shocking, however, were the lengths he seemed willing to go to in order to explain the positive test. You see, it turns out that the Giants outfielder had an associate create a fake website advertising a fake supplement that Melky was going to say he had used without knowing it contained banned substances. The website actually went live, too, but the Feds soon caught on to the plot, and now Cabrera and his “associate” face even bigger trouble.

But of course, this isn’t the first time an athlete has tried to make up a crazy excuse to explain a positive drug test. It’s just the latest example. So today, in honor of Melky and his ridiculous plot, I present you with a list of the 15 best excuses ever given by athletes for a positive drug test.