Girl Dumps Slushie On Another Girl At High School Football Game, Fight Ensues (Video)

girls fight in stands at high school football game

Usually when a fan fight breaks out at a sporting event, the video footage that makes it’s way to YouTube only captures the tail end of the conflict. The reason for this is twofold: (1) people aren’t just sitting around with their phones in their hand ready to hit record at a moment’s notice, and (2) these fights usually don’t last that long.

However, the video you’re about to see captures a girl fight in the stands at a high school football game from beginning to end.

How, you ask? Because the attack is premeditated, and the person doing the filming egged the attacker on.

We don’t know where this took place, but we do know that some girl named Amy had a beef to pick with some other girl at her school, so she dumped a slushie on her head.

Check it out:

I think it’s obvious who is to blame, here: the creators of Glee. I mean, getting “slushied” wasn’t a thing before that show came along, was it?

In any case, I’m sure the girl who got attacked had done something to instigate this fight. However, I’m also pretty sure that school officials aren’t going to care what that something may have been.

They will, however, appreciate the fact that the moron who filmed and helped instigate the fight was kind enough to upload it to YouTube. Now there can be no doubt who was involved and who started it. Nice one, genius! Enjoy being suspended, or expelled.

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