Jayson Werth Makes A Nice Barehanded Catch (Video)

jayson werth barehanded catch

Most broadcast booths around Major League Baseball contain at least one former ballplayer, because of the idea that they can provide insights into the game that us regular folks never could.

In reality, of course, they mostly just complain about how today’s players just don’t play the game “the right way.” And by “the right way,” they usually just mean “with tight pants and socks pulled up to their knees”—because, deep down, some of these guys are just jealous that they didn’t play in the era of the $100 million contract.

However, I will say this for the old-timers in the broadcast booths: they are right about their old-school emphasis on the need to catch the ball with two hands. And all of those hotshot kids who nonchalantly catch the ball with one hand should definitely learn how to play the game “the right way.”

Over the weekend, the Washington National’s Jayson Werth showed us why. Take a look:

You see, if Werth wasn’t using two hands, that’s an eror, and the inning goes on. But because he had that other hand there as a backup, he makes a highlight reel catch.

Sure, it’s no one-handed baby-holding catch, but it’s still pretty good.

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