Streaker Interrupts Cheerleading Performance At High School Football Game (Video)

streaker interrupts cheerleading performance

You have to hand it to the Oak Ridge High School cheerleaders. If nothing else, they are a focused and determined bunch.

Mind you, I know absolutely nothing about cheerleading. But I do know that anytime some naked dude wearing only a sock runs right by you, it’s going to be hard to concentrate on what you’re doing.

And yes, I said “naked dude wearing only a sock.”

You see, on Friday night in El Dorado Hills, California, just outside Sacramento, the Oak Ridge Trojans cheerleading squad was giving a lovely performance during halftime of the season-opening game against the Vista del Lago Eagles when, all of a sudden, a streaker ran right in front of them. And although the crowd went nuts, the squad continued their performance like nothing had happened.

Luckily, one of the cheerleaders’ parents had the video camera out to record the performance, so the whole thing was caught on tape (I bet it’ll make a great addition to their home movie collection).

Take a look:

Now that’s professionalism.

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