New York Golf Fans Boo Sergio Garcia For Changing Clubs (Video)

sergio garcia booed at the barclays new york

Golf is a gentlemanly sport, and usually this is reflected in the behavior of the fans. They don’t bring homemade signs with slogans designed to get them on TV. They don’t take pictures while guys are in their backswing. They don’t chant a guy’s name to taunt him and get him off his game. They don’t do the wave. They don’t bring vuvuzelas or thunder sticks. They don’t wave rally towels. And they shut the hell up while a player is getting ready to hit his shot.

Oh, and there’s no booing. Or at least, there’s not supposed to be.

However, when the tournament takes place on Long Island, just outside New York City, you can throw that tradition out the window. And during the final round of The Barclays on Sunday in Old Bethpage, New York, Sergio Garcia got a little taste of good old-fashioned New York sports fanaticism.

The Spaniard came into the final round with the lead, which you might have thought would earn him some good will from the crowd. But when he decided to changed clubs at the last second after lining up a tee shot, the fans showed their displeasure at the delay by booing him.

Seriously, they booed him because he had a bad feel for a shot and wanted to change clubs.

You gotta love New York.

Here’s the video. The incident in question comes at the 1:22 mark.

Incidentally, Garcia went on to shoot a 4-over 75, blowing his lead and finishing the tournament in a tie for third-place. I guess the boo-birds got to him.

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