Watch Paul George Throw Down A Wicked Through-The-Legs 360 Windmill Dunk (Video)

paul george awesome 360 dunk

At the 2012 NBA Slam Dunk Contest, Paul George of the Indiana Pacers put on a pretty good show. He didn’t win, of course, but he performed a sweet 360 windmill dunk, and then a through-the-legs 360 windmill dunk.

It was amazing. The only problem was, he did that last dunk in the dark with a bunch of glow strips on his jersey—so nobody really saw it.

However, that was February. Now it’s August, and George has learned from his mistakes. So when the guy made an appearance at the Nike Festival of Sport event in Shanghai (which they billed as a “celebration of athletes and athleticism,” despite the fact that we all know it’s just advertising), he didn’t make the same mistake twice. This time George threw down the through-the-legs 360 windmill with all the lights on.

And it practically brought the house down.

Check it out. It’s the second of his 2 attempts.

Not bad, right?

Apparently LeBron James was in attendance earning his big fat Nike paycheck, and even he was impressed. Here’s his obligatory tweet:

lebron tweet about paul george

So if the King says it’s good, it must be good.

Hat Tip – [Ball Don’t Lie]

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