Check Out This Overly Emotional Texas Rangers Fan (Video)

emotional pumped up excited texas rangers fan

The Texas Rangers are almost a lock to make the playoffs again this year. Heading into their game last night against the Tampa Bay Rays in Arlington, they had a 5.5-game lead over the Athletics and a 10-game lead over the Angels in the AL West. And they aren’t showing any signs of an epic, Boston Red Sox-style collapse.

So did last night’s game against the Rays even matter? Sure, it mattered!  The Rays came in .5 behind the A’s in the wild card standings, which means they were just six games behind the Rangers. Theoretically, it’s possible for the Rays to make the playoffs and the Rangers to miss the playoffs. So the game afforded a chance for the Rangers to pad their lead, or for the Rays to close the gap. But in reality, the game wasn’t that important.

However, you’d never know that by watching this guy’s response to the final out of the game. He’s in a glass case of emotion. It’s like he’s watching Game 6 of the World Series all over again.

Take a look:

If this is how the guy feels about baseball in August, he’s going to need some heavy medication when October rolls around.

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