Aaron Rodgers Gets Shaving Cream Pie To The Face (Video)

aaron rodgers takes shaving cream pie to face

An NFL training camp is a gruelling thing, both physically and mentally. So when they’re not practicing, working out, or attending team meetings, players like to find ways to break the monotony and have a little fun.

Of course, in the olden days this meant drinking a case of beer and sneaking in some women after curfew—the Raiaders’ “Santa Rosa Five” in the late 70s come to mind here. However, these days such debauchery is frowned upon, so players have to settle for playing XBox and pulling pranks.

Now, for the first few weeks of training camp and the preseason, the new guys are the ones getting pranked. But after they’ve all been messed with enough, apparently, even the veterans and superstars are fair game. Take the following video, for example, which features the best quarterback in the NFL getting the old shaving-cream-pie-to-the-face while talking to the media.

Have a look:

Hopefully they used organic hippy shaving cream from Whole Foods. The last thing you want is to mess with your MVP QB’s vision right before the season starts.

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