Chad Ochocinco Tweets About “Awkward Moment When You Realize You Aren’t In Madden”

chad johnson madden


There was a time during this summer when everything seemed to be going great for Chad Johnson (formerly Chad Ochocinco).  First he got married (and live Tweeted the whole thing).  Then he appeared to be doing well in Miami Dolphins training camp, while developing a “Brokeback Mountain-type relationship” with his new teammates.  But in a matter of just a few days, the roller-coaster that is eighty-five’s life took a turn for the worse, as he was arrested and charged with domestic battery after head-butting his wife during a heated argument.  And almost 24-hours later, he was cut by the Dolphins — an emotional scene that many witnessed when it aired on HBO’s Hard Knocks.

But just when it seemed as though things couldn’t get much worse for Chad, they have:

chad johnson awkward madden tweet


Poor guy.  I guess his 15 receptions with the Patriots in 2011 and a short stint on the Dolphins 2012 training camp roster weren’t even enough to earn him a spot in Madden 13’s free agent player pool.  Well, at least he’ll get to make himself with what he feels are his appropriate ratings (probably 99 in each category), rather than what the people at EA Sports feel is an appropriate rating for him (probably somewhere closer to 50 in each category).


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