This Video Comparing Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan Is Pretty Amazing (Video)

michael jordan kobe bryant similarities video

There’s been a lot of talk this year about who the best basketball player of all time is. While the conventional answer to that question has been, and still is, Michael Jordan, now that LeBron James finally won his first championship—and at the age when Jordan won his first–some people are starting to say he has the potential to go down as the greatest ever.

Of course, you know who doesn’t like hearing that?

Well, first off, the people of Cleveland, obviously. Also, Michael Jordan, who has quite the ego himself.

And who else?

How about Kobe Bryant?  The guy is just one championship shy of tying Jordan’s ring count, and his chances of winning another one some time in the next two seasons look pretty good now that the starting five for the Lakers is a veritable All-Star team. So while we all know Kobe was already thinking he deserved to be a part of the “all time greatest” discussion, he must really be thinking that now.

Obviously, there are lots of Kobe Bryant fans out there who feel the same way. And recently one of them made a pretty impressive video comparing the careers and famous plays of Air Jordan and the Black Mamba.

Check it out:

Even if you don’t think Kobe should be mentioned in the same breath as Jordan, you have to admit that this video at least got you thinking.  Didn’t it?

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