A Squirrel Interrupted Play At The US Open (Video)

squirrel interrupts play at us open


Well, we’ve had two prominent cases of animals interrupting sporting events in the last two days. Yesterday it was a black cat that darted across the field during an MLS game. Today it’s a squirrel that darted across a tennis court in Queens during the US Open.

The way I see it, these occurrences can only mean one thing: animals have been plotting against us, and they are now putting the early phases of their plan into action.

Or not. It could just be a coincidence.

In any case, the US Open incident occurred during a match between Julien Bennetau (#32) of France and Olivier Rochus of Belgium over on Court 11 at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center. The squirrel scurried onto the court during the second set, left briefly, and then returned to entertain the crowd some more.

Take a look:

I like how some genius decided that it was a good idea to throw tennis balls at the squirrel. You know, because what you really want is to kill or maim the St. Louis Rally Squirrel‘s New York cousin live on ESPN. That would be some excellent publicity.  I’m sure PETA would love that!  (Insert sarcastice face here.)

And by the way, the Frenchman prevailed over the Belgian in straight sets. So clearly there was no “rally” accompanying this squirrel.

Hat Tip – [Gothamist]

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