Check Out Motivational Speaker Eric Thomas’s Passionate Speech To The Auburn Football Team (Video)

eric thomas motivational speech to auburn football


Motivational speaker Eric Thomas, a.k.a. the Hip-Hop Preacher, is pretty popular in the college sports scene. He’s given his pep talks at the University of Cincinnati, Colorado State, Purdue, UMass, UAB, Arkansas, and Xavier, among others.

What makes him so appealing? Well, the guy specializes in inspiring what he called “academically high-risk students of color”—i.e., black kids from the inner city—because his is a story to which many of them can probably relate: dropped out of high school, no job, no prospects, no future, no hope.

However, Thomas turned it around, got a BA, then an MA, and is a dissertation away from his PhD. Now he’s got a booming motivational speaking business, selling books, CDs, and DVDs, in addition to his live performances.

So what are his speeches like? Well, recently Eric Thomas stopped by Auburn University to give the football team a pep talk. It went something like this:

As you can see, the guy isn’t exactly humble. The video starts off with Thomas introducing himself as “the voice of our generation,” then later on he basically calls himself the new Dr. King and “the new inspiration,” which may be overstating his relevance just a bit. But I bet he struck a chord with at least a few of those Auburn players in the room, and he definitely made me feel lazy for hitting the snooze four times this morning before finally rolling out of bed at 7:52.

So what do you think?

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