Sideline Reporter Got Pranked By Elvis Andrus Last Night, So She Squirted Him With Water (Video)

fox reporter pranked by texas rangers players


Apparently a few players on the Texas Rangers don’t like how the NFL players are getting so much attention for all their training camp pranks. So last night, during their game against the Rays, they decided to pull a little prank of their own.

However, it wasn’t a teammate they decided to mess with (sorry to those who were hoping to see the classic “set fire to the shoelaces” bit). Rather, the target of their prank was Fox Sports Southwest sideline reporter Emily Jones.

While Jones was trying to do her job, Rangers shortstop Elvis Andrus decided it would be funny to throw a towel over the camera lens. And apparently this kind of thing happens all the time, because Jones was prepared—she squirted the rascally ballplayers with a spray bottle that she just so happened to be holding, kind of like you would squirt a cat that’s clawing up your sofa.

Take a look:

Of course, if I were a Rangers fan, I’d be very happy to see this sort of thing. It means the team is loose and having fun, and they appear to be ready for another shot at October baseball.

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