Packers Linebaker Clay Matthews Was A Serial Photobomber During Last Night’s Game (Videos)

clay matthews photobombs aaron rodgers


For most NFL teams during the preseason, a starter’s playing time increases from game one to game three, but then drops down to almost nothing in game four so that they don’t suffer an injury one week before the regular season begins.

This is a sensible policy, of course, but it tends to make the last game of the preseason feel a little like the last day of school for the star players. They go out onto the field, take a few plays, and probably don’t even work up a sweat before hitting the pine for the rest of the game. Then, with their official duties to the team fulfilled and the dregs of the team’s depth charts playing mediocre football, they start looking around for something to keep themselves entertained.

Case in point: Green Bay Packers All-Pro linebacker Clay Matthews.

After being taken out of last night’s preseason finale against the Chiefs, the pony-tailed California boy decided to entertain himself by photobombing his teammates any time the cameras were rolling.

First he did it to Tramon Williams:

Then he did it to the big man himself, Aaron Rodgers. And this time he had props:

Of course, Aaron Rodgers himself is a renowned master of the photobomb, so I guess this was just a little payback.

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