Kent State Football Player Recovers Muffed Punt And Returns It 58 Yards…The Wrong Way (Video)

kent state andre parker returns fumble wrong way


The 2012 college football season is approximately 12 hours old, yet we already have a serious contender for the “stupidest play of the year” award.

On Thursday night in Ohio, the Kent State University Golden Flashes kicked of their schedule with a game against the visiting Tigers of Towson University. The home team would end up winning by a score of 41-21, but that’s not what anyone will be talking about for the next week. Instead, everyone will be talking about how Kent State’s Andre Parker recovered a muff punt and returned it 58 yards…the wrong way.

But as bad as that sounds, this play gets even dumber. You see, to begin with, as any football fan knows, a muffed punt is not the same as a fumble. If a guy on the receiving team catches the ball then loses it, that’s a fumble, and the kicking team can recover it, advance, and even score a touchdown. However, if a guy on the receiving team touches the ball without gaining possession, that’s a muffed punt. The kicking team can recover possession of the ball, but they cannot advance it…in any direction.

So, to begin with, Parker shouldn’t have been running anywhere. However, as is often the case, he didn’t take any chances. It all happened so fast—maybe the other team did have possession. So when he got the ball, he ran.

Fair enough.

But of course, he ran the wrong way. And what’s really crazy is, the opposing team actually chased him down and tackled him after he made it 58 yards down the field towards his own end zone.

Why is that crazy? Well, if they knew it was a muffed punt, they shouldn’t have chased him no matter what direction he ran, because the ball it dead when he touches it. And if they thought it was a fumble, then they should have let him go all the way to their end zone and then tackle him for a safety.

Anyway, you’ve gotta see the play for yourself. It’s all kinds of hilarious.

So who should feel dumber this morning? Andre Parker for running the wrong way, or the Towson Tigers player who chased him?

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