25 Best Dressed Tennis Players at the 2012 US Open

Wimbledon is great and all, with those cute grass courts and the Queen and the strawberries and cream. But when it comes to Grand Slam tennis events, I’ll take the US Open. The crowds are downright rowdy (thanks, New York) and they play matches at night on prime time television.

In short, there’s just a different vibe at the US Open—more frenetic, more exciting. And you can see the difference in the clothes the players where.

You see, at Wimbledon players can only wear white. It’s all part of the grand tradition, which is nice, but also kind of stuffy and bland. At the US Open, however, players go nuts. They wear vibrant colors and wacky patterns that are almost as entertaining as the stuff happening on the court. And since we’re just now halfway through the 2012 US Open, it’s a perfect time to celebrate the fashion hits at the most fashionable stop on the pro tennis tour. So today we present you with this list of the 25 best-dressed players.

Let’s get started, shall we?

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