Chad Johnson’s Big Plan To Win Back His Estranged Wife: Get A Tattoo Of Her Face On His Leg (Photo)


It’s not uncommon for superstar athletes to do something extravagant for their wives when they screw up big time. For example, when Kobe Bryant admitted to cheating on his wife Vanessa, he got her a gigantic diamond ring.

Makes sense, right?

However, the currently unemployed Chad Johnson took a different approach with his estranged wife Evelyn Lozada.

You may recall that, back on July 4, Chad Johnson live-tweeted his nuptials to the lovely Lozada. Then, just 5 weeks later, he was arrested outside his home following a domestic disturbance that left his bride with a nasty gash on her head. She told police that he had headbutted her after she confronted him about a receipt for some condoms that she found in his trunk; Johnson told police that she headbutted him.

Classic he said, she said, huh?

Well, anyway, Johnson has said he still loves Lozada and doesn’t want to give up on their marriage. And apparently someone told the receiver formerly known as Ochocinco that nothing says “baby I’m sorry I headbutted you” like getting a tattoo of your girl’s face on your leg. So that’s what Johnson did—he got a tattoo of Evelyn’s face on the side of his calf.

Take a look:

chad johnson evelyn lozada face tattoo

That’s a real beauty, isn’t it?

Unfortunately, sources close to Johnson’s estranged wife say no amount of ink is going to convince her to forgive him. She filed for divorce last month, and is still planning on going through with it.

Hat Tip – [TMZ]

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