Cow Interrupts Soccer Game In Poland (Video)

cow interrupts soccer game in poland


There have been lots of cases of animals interrupting sports events in recents years.

In fact, there have been lots of cases of animals interrupting sports evens in recent days. Just last week there were two notable cases. First a black cat ran across the field during a Toronto FC game. Then a squirrel ran out onto the court at a US Open tennis match.

However, today we have something you’ve probably never seen before: video of a cow interrupting a soccer game.

It’s not a professional game, mind you, and it does take place in a rural area in Poland. But still, a cow?

The best part is, the thing wouldn’t go away. So the game was put on hold while some old guy (who I assume is the cow’s owner) chases after it, much to the delight of the players and spectators.

Take a look for yourself:

This kind of thing probably happened all the time in the olden days. But in this day and age, you would figure fence technology has advanced far enough that we could keep nuisance cows locked up…

…Or maybe not.