Finnish NHL Fan Creates Video Imploring Fans To Rise Up And Demand That The 2012-13 NHL Season Be Played (Video)

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In case you haven’t heard, we’re getting dangerously close to an NHL lockout and yet another lost season.

Though there are many issues at play in the negotiations between the owners and the NHLPA, the one preventing a deal from getting done is the issue of how rich teams (like the Toronto Maple Leafs) should help poor teams (like the Phoenix Coyotes).

You see, to put it in the most simplistic of terms, the players think the money should come from the rich teams’ revenue. The rich teams, meanwhile, think the money should come from the players’ revenue.

Ergo, roadblock.

Obviously, hockey fans are a little anxious. It was just seven years ago that an entire NHL season was lost because the players and the league failed to agree on a new collective bargaining agreement. And another lost season would be devastating—not just because fans would miss the sport, but because the league would take a huge hit financially, which could ruin some small-market franchises.

But one 21-year-old NHL fan from Finland—who also happens to be a video editor—decided he wasn’t just going to sit there and watch a bunch of rich dudes ruin his favorite sport. So he created a frenetic 8-minute video mash-up that uses Peter Finch’s famous Oscar-winning “mad as hell” speech from Network to try and stir up the passions of hockey fans.

The video makes some vague and confusing references to economics that don’t make a whole lot of sense.  There is also no real “argument,” and it offers no real solutions (other than “getting mad”). But it’s obvious that this guy is on the players’ side, against the greedy owners, and the video definitely reminds you why you love hockey.

Check it out:

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