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Stop me if this sounds like a familiar story.

You’ve spent weeks crafting the perfect draft strategy. You’ve studied all the injury charts, the updates, the rumors and match ups. When draft day arrives you execute your strategy to perfection, making ungodly value picks and getting all the sleepers that you were targeting. Excitement for the new season couldn’t be higher. You’re talking smack on the message board and boasting a season so great it will have never been duplicated in the history of fantasy sports.

And then what happens on the first day of the season? Your top running back blows out an ACL. Your starting point guard wrecks his ankle. Your number one starting pitcher destroys his elbow. Whatever your plan was at the start, it just went completely out the window.

All that preparation, all that hard work, and your season is over before it ever gets started.

But does it really have to end things?

Well that’s where Fantasy Factor comes into play.

Fantasy Factor is a daily and weekly fantasy sports site that let’s you participate in one day fantasy contests for real money against opponents in all your favorite sports: From MLB to NBA, NFL to the NHL.

There are no confusing salary caps or stipulations, just pick the players you feel are going to perform the best and then watch them play to see if they can win you some cash.

Best of all if you’re new to Fantasy Factor you’ll be signing up at just the right time. From now until the end of September if you sign up you can get a 50% instant bonus on any deposit when you use the special code COMPLEX when making your deposit.

Deposit $10 and get $5 in free play. Deposit $100 and they’ll give you $50. Any amount up to $500.

Plus Fantasy Factor has weekly freerolls so you’ll be able to get in the game every week without having throw down any hard earned cash.

That means you can sign up for free AND play for free.

So give it a look, sign up and try to make the most all the hours of number crunching, injury watching and sleeper researching you’ve probably already done.

You wouldn’t want all your hard work to be for nothing.

(FantasyFactor.com offers weekly fantasy football tournaments and real money contests for daily fantasy sportsThey will be offering football freeroll tournaments worth over $1000 each for the first four weeks of the NFL season. )

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