Awesome Prank At UFC Fan Expo In Vegas: A Bunch Of People Line Up For Autographs From Fake Fighter (Video)

fans at ufc fan expo in vegas pranked by fake ufc fighter


Sports pranks take many forms.

Sometimes they prey on naive NFL prospects, like the classic prank Tom Shaw pulled at his training camp a couple years ago. And sometimes they prey on unsuspecting sports reporters, like the ball-busting prank Novak Djokovic pulled last summer, or the old towel-over-the-camera-lens trick pulled by Elvis Andrus just last week.

As for the sports prank you’re about to see, it preys on the fans—in this case, MMA fans.

At a recent UFC Fan Expo in Las Vegas, a couple of guys spotted an empty table on a stage next to some other tables where real UFC fighters were signing autographs, so they decided to make fake name tags, place them at the front of the table and take some pictures in front of the UFC backdrop, as if they were having a pre-fight news conference.

Then, one of the guys decided to see what would happen if he pretended to get his buddy’s autograph. The next thing they knew, there was a lineup of people at the table as the guy was signing magazines, t-shirts, and hats, pretending to be a fictitious UFC fighter named Chan Carlos.

Obviously, they took some video of their little prank and uploaded it to YouTube. So take a look:

So, yeah, if you were at the UFC Fan Expo in Vegas over the weekend getting autographs, you might want to check to see if you got a signature from Chan Carlos.

If so, it looks like you got punked.

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