Tony Romo Was Slinging TDs And Slappin’ Refs’ Butts Last Night At The Meadowlands (Video)

tony romo slapping slaps ref on the butt

There was a lot for the Dallas Cowboys to be excited about last night in New Jersey. Not only did they beat their rivals, the defending Super Bowl champion New York Giants, but they looked damn good doing it.

The defense held the Giants to 269 total yards, just 213 of which belonged to Eli Manning, who finished with a QB rating of 94.9. Meanwhile, the Cowboys offense looked dangerous against the supposedly improved Giants D, racking up 433 total yards on the back of Tony Romo‘s 307 passing yards and 129.5 QB rating.

So there was reason for the Boys to be pumped up last night. However, I’m not so sure that justified what Tony Romo did to one of the referees.

You see, after one of his three TD passes, and enthusiastic Romo got a little carried away and patted one of the replacement officials on the butt as he walked by.

Take a look:

I don’t know about you, but I doubt the oft-maligned Romo gets away with that one if that wasn’t a replacement ref.

Still, I guess you can’t blame the guy for being happy. It’s not every day you get to open the season at the defending champs’ home stadium and show up the Super Bowl MVP.

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