World’s Worst Soccer Hooligan Learns How Not To Light A Flare (Video)

soccer hooligan flare fail


You know, if there’s one thing in life you’d expect a soccer hooligan to be good at, it’s lighting and throwing flares. Hell, a few weeks ago in Greece we saw an all-out flare war before a Europa League game between PAOK and Rapid Vienna.

However, I guess you have to work your way up to that sort of thing. You don’t just develop such advanced soccer hooligan skills overnight; it takes years of practice. And as proof of this, we have this amazing video you’re about to watch.

You see, it features some aspiring soccer hooligans looking to start trouble at some insignificant, low-level soccer game somewhere in Europe. However, they have a little difficulty lighting the flare, and…well, I’m pretty sure at least one of them is blind now.

Take a look:


Now, I myself have never tried to light a road flare. But I’d like to think that, if I ever had to, I would at least have the sense to point the bright fiery end away from my face.

Better luck next time, fellas.

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