Cincinnati Marching Band Member Fell And Broke His Trumpet, So He Just Pretended To Play It (Video)

cincinnati marching band trumpet player pretends to play broken trumpet

There are a number of minor things differentiating college football from the pro game: the hash marks are further apart, the college ball has those nice white stripes on it, and the cheerleaders actually do stuff instead of just stand there looking hot.

But the biggest difference in the college football game day experience would have to be the marching bands. It just wouldn’t be college football without the rolling rattle of those drums and a cacophony of horns honking out the tune of “Louie Louie.” So if you’re a member of a college marching band, you’ve got an important job. The entire authentic college football experience rests on your shoulders. You can’t let anything get in the way of your performance.

Not even a broken trumpet.

On Thursday night, Cincinnati hosted Pitt in the Big East season opener, and before the game a member of the Cincinnati marching band took a nasty tumble while running down the stadium stairs and onto the field—who thought that entrance would be a good idea, anyway?  Unfortunately, he lost the mouthpiece to his trumpet in the fall, disabling his instrument. But he couldn’t exactly leave the formation, ort stand there with his arms by his side. So the kid just kept on pretending to play.

Take a look:

Making an ass of yourself for the good of the team? Now that’s character.

Thanks to reader, Adam Mirra – @Mirra8 for sending this our way.

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