This Day In Sports History (September 7th) — Fay Vincent

fay vincent


It was on this day in 1992 that Fay Vincent resigned as Commissioner of Major League Baseball.  Vincent’s reign lasted just under three years as he had taken over for Bart Giamatti, who died of a heart attack in September of 1989.

Fay Vincent was very much involved in Pete Rose’s lifetime banishment from baseball.  Although he was not commissioner at the time of the banishment, he did lead the investigation and was involved in the negotiations. On several occasions, Vincent publicly declared that he believed Rose should be banned from baseball for life, a stance which he held even after leaving the commissioner’s office.  Vincent’s successor, Bud Selig, shared the same feelings on Rose and to this day Pete Rose has yet to be reinstated and may never be.

From 1992 to 1998 Bud Selig held the title of “acting commissioner” before becoming the official commissioner in 1998.  Selig is credited with introducing both the wild card playoff system as well as Interleague play.

Here is an interview with Fay Vincent.

Notable Birthdays

Antonio McDyess, NBA – Born September 7th 1974 (age 38) in Quitman, Mississippi

Mark Prior, MLB – Born September 7th 1980 (age 32) in San Diego, California

Kevin Love, NBA – Born September 7th 1988 (age 24) in Santa Monica, California

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