You’ve Got To See This Incredible Diving Over-The-Shoulder Cricket Catch (Video)

amazing cricket catch


It’s funny how sports news tends to come in waves. We’ll go months and months without featuring cricket highlight here on TotalProSports. Then all of a sudden we’ll have two for you within a week.

Last week, you may recall, the story was about a jubilant Pakistani cricket fan who busted out some pretty awesome dance moves during a match between Pakistan and Australia. Now this week we have another awesome highlight from another Pakistan-Australia cricket match. Only this time it’s a player in the spotlight.

The two national teams are currently in the midst of a three-game series of Twenty20 matches in Dubai. The first match featured the afore-mentioned dancer. The second gave us this incredible catch by Australia’s Daniel Christian:

Is this guy the Willie Mays of cricket or something? That was nuts. And in cricket they don’t even get to use big leather gloves. He had to haul this shot in au naturale.

Apparently, some people out there on the internets are suggesting this might be one of the greatest cricket catches of all time. I have no idea if this is a reasonable suggestion, but the fact that anyone even brought it up makes it clear that this catch was pretty special.

So nice job, Dan. Keep up the good cricketing.

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