Fan Nearly Killed While Taking Pictures During Drift Race (Video)

guy on track almost killed at drift race


When a fan dies at a sporting event, the vast majority of the time we call it a tragedy. Because obviously, most of the time, it is a tragedy, resulting from a freak accident or a bad bounce.

However, every once in a while, we see an act of sheer stupidity that actually makes it hard to feel sorry for the victim. Oh sure, you feel just horrible for the person’s loved ones and anyone else affected by that person’s loss. And you know you’re supposed to feel bad. But I think we naturally feel worse about the random tragedies life gives us, rather than the ones that are completely, 100% preventable.

What kind of “preventable tragedies” am I talking about, you ask?

How about a guy walking out onto an auto race track in the middle of a race and kneeling down to take a photograph?

That’s what happens in the clip you’re about to see. Some idiot goes right out onto the course during a drift race as cars were passing by…but he somehow didn’t even get hit, as the cars missed him by mere inches.

Take a look for yourself:

Can you think of a dumber thing to do at a race track—or anywhere for that matter?

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