Female Bills Fan Gets Punched In The Face By A Male Jets Fan (Video)

brawl between jets fans and bills fans


We’ve seen some pretty crazy fan brawls recently, so at first I didn’t really think much of this one between Jets fans and Bills fans yesterday at MetLife Stadium. I mean, compared to the brawl at the Ukranian soccer game where the two guys tumbled down 100 stairs, this one seemed downright tame.

But then I watched it again and notice something you don’t see everyday: a woman getting jacked in the face by a dude.

And not just any dude, but a dude in a tank top with some fairly beefy arms.

Apparently, it all started with some Jets fans heckling some visiting Bills fans, which is to be expected, because the Bills are the only football team in the State of New York that the Jets can trash talk with any authority.

However, when the Bills fans got up to leave, a few of them just wouldn’t let the insults slide. And from the looks of it, one of the main culprits was a female Bills fan on the far left with the red hair—she has to be held back by her husband. After these two Buffalonians took a shove and fell down a few stairs, that’s when it really got heated.

You can see another female Bills fan (with braided pigtails) really getting into it with somebody at the top right corner of the video. Then, all of a sudden, at the 0:34 second mark, the dude just clocks her.

Check it out, and note the shocked reaction from other Jets fans:

You stay classy, muscly tank top guy!

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