Check Out This Nasty Brawl Between Fans Of The Chicago Fire And Santos Laguna (Video)

brawl between fans of chicago fire and lagunas


Another day, another fan brawl. Is it just me, or are sports fans particularly truculent these days?

Yesterday we told you about the nasty brawl at the Bill-Jets game over the weekend in which a big muscly guy punched a woman in the face. And of course, last week there was the epic falling-down-the-stairs fight at a Ukrainian soccer game, plus a nasty preseason football brawl between fans of the 49ers and the Texans.

So are people just drinking more beer than usual at sporting events these days, or what?

In any case, today we have another sports fan brawl for you. And this time it’s an international incident, as it broke out between fans of the Chicago Fire and Santos Laguna during a CONCACAF Champions League tilt this past Saturday.

According to the person who posted the video, a Santos fan started the whole thing when he “came to talk sh*t” to Chicago fans.

Is that how it happened? Who knows. What we do know, however, is that just when it seems the conflict is about to peter out without a punch being thrown, things suddenly turn vicious.

Check it out:

My favorite part is the scene at the 0:59 mark. A stadium official is trying to protect one fan from several other fans, but instead, he pretty much just holds the one guy down while the other guy beats him to a pulp.

Nice work, buddy.

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