Drunken Bears Fan Learns That Tailgating And Pole Dancing Are A Dangerous Combination (Video)

bears tailgate pole dancing


When oh when will drunken sports fans realize that they should just leave the pole dancing to the professionals?

A couple years ago a drunken Grand Rapids Griffins fan got a little carried away with the hand railing right in the middle of a hockey game. And since team officials apparently don’t consider pole dancing to be as wholesome and family-friendly as grown men punching each other’s teeth out, the young woman found herself ejected from the game.

Then, just a few weeks ago, there was the case of a drunken Yankees fan—a dude, no less—dancing on a makeshift stage at some tailgating party outside Yankee Stadium. He tried to do a little pole dancing move with an unstable 4×4 and wound up falling off the stage.

So this really isn’t a good track record. And yet here we are, presenting you with yet another drunken sports fan pole dancing fail.

This time it’s a female fan of the Chicago Bears. She tries her hand at pole dancing at some kind of Bears party—I can’t tell if it’s a tailgate party, or some kind of pep rally in a mall parking lot—and takes a nasty spill.

Have a look:

I’d say “lesson learned,” but who are we kidding? I’m sure we’ll have another video like this to show you in a couple of months.

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