High School Football Streaker Escapes via Getaway Car (Video)

streaker getaway car

During May of 2011, we provided you with footage of what may have been the best getaway by a field intruder/streaker at a sporting event in history, as a man scaled a few walls in the outfield at Minute Maid Park in order to elude several security guards who were in hot pursuit.

Now we have another video to add to the archive of great field intruder escapes in sports history.  It comes from a Seminole (Florida) High School football game, which involved some clever planning and the use of a getaway car.

Check it out (warning: naked male rear can be seen in the following video, therefore, you may want to wait for an appropriate time to watch it):

So, does this dude have what it takes to hang with the Minute Maid Park escape artist?

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