Jerry “The King” Lawler Suffered A Heart Attack While Providing Commentary For ‘Monday Night Raw’ Last Night (Videos)

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The WWE is famous for blurring the lines between fantasy and reality, sometimes making it difficult to know exactly what is real and what is fake. So it’s understandable if the fans in attendance at the Monday Night Raw event in Montreal last night thought Jerry Lawler‘s collapse at the commentators’ table was all part of the show.

Unfortunately, it was not part of the show. The 62-year-old pro wrestling legend really did suffer a heart attack.

Earlier in the evening Lawler had actually taken part in a tag-team match with Randy Orton against CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler. Then he swapped the leotard for a suit and joined Michael Cole at the commentator’s table to provide insights into a tag-team match pitting Kane and Daniel Bryan against Titus O’Neil and Darren Young.

It was in the middle of that match that the commentary suddenly stopped for television viewers at home. Lawler apparently had suffered a heart attack and slumped over in his chair. At that point, the announcer’s table was swarmed with medical personnel who took The King backstage and administered CPR.

Here’s how the whole scene looked to fans in attendance at the Bell Centre in Montreal:

As you can see, though the situation was deadly serious, they didn’t even stop the match.

However, a few minutes later, a visibly distraught Cole explained the situation to the audience at home:

Cole continued to provide updates throughout the night, and fortunately they got better and better.

First he told the audience at home that when Lawler left the arena for the hospital he was breathing on his own. Then he came back with another update, saying that doctors had stabilized Lawler’s condition, that he was responding to environmental stimuli, and that his heart was once again beating on its own.

Still, it was a pretty scary situation. Here’s hoping that The King is able to make a full recovery.

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