Drunk Phillies Fan Faceplants Into Asphalt (Video)

drunk phillies fan


Everyone enjoys making fun of drunken sports fans. They perform funny dances, they pass out in their seats, they fall down, they run out onto the field (and get tackled by security), and, of course, they wet their pants.

Usually the drunk fans we make fun of actually make it into the game. But every once in a while, we come across somebody who did a little too much pre-gaming—for example, the Saskatchewan Roughriders fan who passed out cold while dancing outside the stadium, or the drunken Irish soccer fan who struggled to figure out how to open the door to a portable toilet.

Today we have another clip of a drunken fan who couldn’t even make it into the stadium. Apparently, this dude decided to do a little tailgating before a recent Philliles game, but he ended up drinking so much that he couldn’t even stand up. So, you know, he just passed out in the parking lot, like you’d expect him to do.

Have a look:

That says it all about the Phillies’ 2012 season, doesn’t it? The fans know that the only way they’ll have a good time at the game is if they drink so much before hand that they don’t remember a thing afterwards.

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