Green & Gold Packers Earrings, For That Special Someone In Your Life (Video)

green bay packers earrings

Do you love your wife or girlfriend as much as your favorite football team, but you’re having a tough time showing it?  Well, if that sounds like you, and you just so happen to be a Green Bay Packers fan, you’ll be happy to hear that your team has come up with the perfect solution, thanks to the release of these sparkling, new, green and gold Green Bay Packers earrings.

Now your significant other can be every bit the fan you are, as these Packers earrings come with just as much bling as the team’s Super Bowl XLV championship rings, and they’ll go perfectly with her cheese-bra.

So Packers fans, what are you waiting for?  Get your woman a pair of these earrings, and you’ll most definitely have an easier time scoring than Aaron Rodgers did against the 49ers defence on Sunday.

Here’s a look at the commercial for the Packers’ earrings, which you can purchase at  Check it out:

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