Classy Raiders Fans Smoke Blunts And Flip Off The Camera During Segment On Local News (Video)

tailgating raiders fans on local news


Oakland Raiders fans have long been considered some of the most rowdy and violent fans in the NFL.

So what happens when you give them approximately 14 seconds of air time on the local news? They go out of their way to live up to their reputation, obviously.

Yes, when Sacramento’s local NBC affiliate, KCRA, sent a reporter to cover the tailgating festivities before Oakland’s 22-14 season-opening loss to the San Diego Chargers on Monday night, they got quite the welcome.

First, it was a long-haired dude making an ass of himself with some ridiculous dance moves. Then, some guy in a Mike Mitchell jersey walks into the frame and puffs on a joint. And, finally, a charming female Raiders fan tells everyone watching at home what they can go do to themselves by flipping the double bird.

Just take a look:

Pure class, aint it?

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