Denver Broncos Fans: “Get Rid Of The Pigeons That Are Pooping On Our Heads”

pigeon-towels denver section 306


A lot of fans around the NFL probably feel like they’re getting crapped on every time they go to a game.

For example, I suspect the folks in St. Louis don’t like paying $9 for a beer while watching their No. 1 QB get sacked four times a game. And I know for a fact that at least one Cleveland Browns fan doesn’t really care for his team’s greedy season ticket policy.

Still, in most cases, if fans complain about getting crapped on, they’re speaking figuratively.

But not the fans in Denver who sit in section 306. Oh sure, they’re thrilled with how John Elway and company are running things out there, having signed Peyton Manning and all. But they would love it if the team would do something about the pigeons who have taken up resident above their seats and rain a real life sh*tstorm down upon them every Sunday.


They say it’s been going on for years, but the team has yet to do something about it. One woman named Allison Harden told KUSA in Denver, “I found out a pigeon had pooped on the back of my shirt. These are $250 seats…[but] any moment a pigeon [might] poop on you.”

For their part, stadium officials say they’re aware of the situation. There’s just not much they can do about it.

“We strive to ensure that all fans have a positive experience during Broncos games, and their safety and comfort is our No. 1 priority,” said Andy Gorchov, the general manager of the company that runs the stadium. “Unfortunately, outdoor stadiums do sometimes have issues with birds.”

You know what I say, though? For the $96,000,000 they are paying him, Peyton Manning should get out a ladder and shoo those pigeons away himself.

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