Another Wednesday, Another MLB Pitcher Clocked In The Head By A Screaming Line Drive (Video)

astros pitcher micky storey hit in head with line drive

So apparently Wednesday is now “hit a pitcher in the head with a line drive” day in Major League Baseball.

First it was Oakland’s Brandon McCarthy who took a liner to the noggin last Wednesday against the Angels. Now it’s Houston’s Mickey Storey.

On Wednesday night at Minute Maid Park, during the top of the 8th in the “Battle for the NL Central Basement,”, Cubs outfielder Dave Sappelt absolutely scorched a 1-1 pitch from Storey right back up the middle.

The ball grazed Storey’s hand and deflected off his shoulder before crashing into his jaw, knocking him to the ground. He was down for several minutes while trainers attended to him, before leaving the field on his own power.

Take a look:

Obviously, getting hit in the jaw isn’t quite as scary as getting cracked on the skull, like McCarthy experienced. Still, that’s the second close-call in as many Wednesdays. Given how superstitious ballplayers are—especially pitchers—I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a real nasty case of the flu going around the league next Tuesday night. Cough cough.

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