15 Awesome Sports-Related Guinness World Records

Every sport has sacred records. In baseball it’s the home run records—career and single season—though the hitting streak is also pretty special. Football has career rushing yards, or touchdown passes in a season, just to name two. Basketball has career points and, maybe more impossible to break, points in a single game. And of course hockey has the most goals in a season and most in a career—both of which are held by some guy named Wayne.

However, we’re not talking about sacred sports records today. Instead, we’re talking about goofy ones. Well, mostly goofy ones. That’s because today, we’re looking at 15 awesome sports-related Guinness World Records.

Oh sure, Guinness also certifies some of the “sacred” records I just mentioned. But they also certify weird achievements like “most ping pong balls thrown at a hornets nest by a person wearing a tutu in one minute.”

Yeah, I just made that one up, but you get the idea: their wacky, and therefore fun. So take a look. You look like you need a break from work anyway.

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