Donald Driver Took A Beer Shower During His Lambeau Leap (GIF)

donald driver beer shower lambeau leap

When fans at football games aren’t drinking their beers, they are usually throwing them on the players and fans of opposing teams.  But every once in a while, a fan may get a little too excited and drench one of his own in a good ol’ fashion beer shower.

That was exactly what unfolded following Donald Driver’s 26-yard touchdown pass form Aaron Rodgers in the fourth quarter of last night’s game against the Bears.  After showing off some of his dance moves, which earned him a Mirrorball Trophy in the offseason, Driver took part in a Lambeau Leap and came away smelling like a broken case of Old Milwaukee.

Check it out:


I still can’t believe that a 13-year-veteran Packer like Donald Driver can’t perform a Lambeau Leap without receiving a beer shower, meanwhile, Chad Ochocinco was able to escape with nothing more than a middle finger.

Shame on you, Packer fans.

Hat Tip – [Mocksession]

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