Newest NMA Animated Video Covers The Yankees’ Choke Job…Though A Little Prematurely (Video)

nma animation yankees choke


If you enjoy videos that feature animated versions of the New York Yankees’ high-priced superstars being roasted on a barbecue grill, getting sliced open and being poked with a fork, then you’re going to love the newest video from our Taiwanese friends at Next Media Animation.

Yes, it seems that the world’s most popular Taiwanese animation studio has already concluded that the 2012 Yankees have “choked”—even though they’re currently tied for first in the AL East…and even though they enjoy a 3.5 game lead over the Los Angeles Angels of Wherever in the wild card standings…and even though they have 19 games left on their schedule…and even though they haven’t really played “bad” so much as they’ve played just “okay”…

According to NMA, the Bronx Bombers are old and uninspired, while the Baltimore Orioles are young and hungry.

Also, apparently, CC Sabathia is the size of a whale, and pretty soon Green Peace is going to capture him and drag him back out to sea.

As usual, it’s pretty funny stuff. So take a look:

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