Rutgers RB Jawan Jamison Uses Sick Spin Move To Evade Tackle, Score Touchdown (Video)

jawan jamison rutgers awesome run for touchdown spin move


The University of South Florida football team has some amazing cheerleaders. However, I’m sure their coach would trade them all in for a couple new linebackers today, because yesterday the ones he has were flat-out scorched by Rutgers’ Jawan Jamison in their Big East season opener in Tampa.

Rutgers was up by three points with 1:29 to go and a 2nd-and-9 play upcoming from the the SFU 41. Since all they needed to do was maintain possession and run down the clock, obviously, Rutgers was running all the way. But Jamison wasn’t content to just run down the clock, so he when he saw a hole with just one defender between him and the open road, he gave a little shake-and-bake, followed by a sweet spin-o-rama, and was off to the races.

Game over.

Have a look:

Sure, the defense was a little flat-footed there, but still, those are some smooth moves, right? You’d rarely see something like that in the NFL, of course, but that why people love college football—it’s wide open.

So hats off to Jawan Jamison.

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