Shirtless Dude Gets Knocked Out Cold In This Brawl Following The Bowling Green-Idaho Football Game (Video)

brawl after bowling green football game


Well, at this rate we’re going to have to create a new category of news here at TotalProSports, titled “Fan Brawls.”

I don’t know if the incidence of brawls at sporting events is on the rise, or if we’re just seeing more of them on the internet these days thanks to the fact that everyone and their mother has a camera phone. But this week alone we’ve brought you three stories about fan brawls.

First and foremost there was the one at the Jets-Bills game when the woman got punched in the face by some Jersey Shore wannabe. Then there was the one we told you about yesterday, where the female Raiders fan attacked the security guard with his handcuffs. And let’s not forget the brawl between the fans of the Chicago Fire and Santos Laguna.

And you know what? Let’s throw in that epic fight at that Ukrainian soccer game, which we just told you about last Friday.

Anyway, the point is, sports fans are going berserk a lot, and every instance seems to be caught on video.

The latest case to surface? It’s a brawl after the Bowling Green-Idaho football game last Saturday in Ohio. And it’s noteworthy because it didn’t take place in the stadium, or ever just outside the stadium. Instead, it took place at…a gas station.

A gas station? Really? Wow.

Anyway, here’s the video. As you’ll see, one dude got seriously jacked up.

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