Utah Fans Rushed The Field Prematurely Against BYU…Twice (Video)

fans rush field after end of holy war utah byu

Did you know they call the BYU-Utah football rivalry the Holy War, on account of Utah being such a devout Mormon state? Well, they do. And on Saturday these two schools gave us the most exciting conclusion to a Holy War since the St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre in 1572.

Oh, I’m sorry—too soon?

Anyway, about the modern-day gridiron Holy War between the Cougars and Utes—it goes back 90 years or so, and the 2012 version just so happened to feature one of the most exciting and bizarre endings you will ever see.

With Utah up 24-21 in the waning moments of the 4th quarter, BYU completed a long pass to put themselves close to field goal range. On the next play, they tried to get just a little bit closer, but the pass sailed out of bounds, the clock ran out, and Utah fans, players, and coaches rushed the field.

Game over?  Not quite.  Upon further review, there was one second left on the clock when the pass hit the ground. So everybody had to get off the field, and BYU got one shot to kick a 51-yard field goal. Then that kick was blocked and everyone ran back onto the field again. Game over again, but for real this time. Right?

Wrong. Not over. Watch this:

That’s right. After the blocked kick, the holder recovered the ball and attempted to advance it, so the ball was still live when the fans ran onto the field again. Thus the incredibly rare “live ball foul” was called,  another field goal was attempted, and a game-ending clank off the post put an end to this game for good.

Man, I love the Holy War.

Hat Tip – [Dr. Saturday]

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