This Inebriated Blues Fan Will Make You Very Sad There Is An NHL Lockout (Video)

drunk blues fan in zebra print pants

Well, the NHL players are officially locked out, and we’re headed toward yet another long, boring, hockeyless winter.

Can anything be done to save the 2012-13 NHL season? It’s hard to say. The players and the owners are still miles apart. The former pretty much just want to keep the status quo, while the latter want the players to sacrifice their money so the owners can be richer.

Of course, in the end, all these rich dudes will still be rich, and the only ones who’ll really suffer are the fans. Realizing this, a few weeks back one Finnish NHL fan put together a slick video imploring the NHL to get a deal done.

Obviously, that video didn’t work. But maybe this one will.

It features an amazingly drunk St. Louis Blues fan doing a super-sexy little dance while wearing that horrendous Blues sweater from the mid 90s—you know, the one with all the red and the diagonal stripes—and some incredible skin-tight zebra print pants.

In short, he may be the coolest hockey fan ever. Check him out:

So come on, everybody. End the lockout. For this guy.

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