Ravens’ Jacoby Jones Gives Us The Best Touchdown Dance Ever (Video)

jacoby jones touchdown dance

Jacoby Jones has scored a total of 12 touchdowns during his six-years with the Houston Texans and the Baltimore Ravens, but none will be more memorable (at least, in my opinion) than his 21-yard touchdown during the second quarter of yesterday’s game between the Ravens and the Philadelphia Eagles.

No, it isn’t his speed down the sideline, or Joe Flacco’s perfectly thrown ball that will forever be etched into my memory.  And heck, the Ravens would even go on to lose the game by a score of 24-23.

So what makes this touchdown by Jones so memorable, you ask?

The touchdown dance.  Take a look:

I saw some chops, some slaps, a through-the-legs and a couple of shimmies in there.  It’s as if he threw every single one of his dance moves together to create one awesome touchdown dance.

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