Check Out These Insane Real Life Hot Wheels Stunts (Video)

life size hot wheels car stunts corkscrew jump

Do you remember playing with Hot Wheels as a kid and thinking it would be so cool if real cars did loop-the-loops and corkscrew jumps like you did in your living room? Well, guess what? The folks over at Hot Wheels also thought it would be cool, so they supposedly built the Hot Wheels Test Facility where they make life-size cars do the tricks you used to fantacize about.

Actually, they probably didn’t build a real “test facility” to speak of.  But every once in a while Hot Wheels does sponsor a mind-blowing car stunt. And those are totally real.

Back in June they set the Guinness World Record for the “double loop-the-loop” stunt at the X Games in Los Angeles, with professional stunt drivers Greg Tracy and Tanner Foust going around a double loop and then over a ramp.

Check that out:

But if you thought that was awesome, check out their latest stunt, in which professional stunt driver Brent Fletcher sets the world record for “longest corkscrew jump” by flying a whopping 92 feet through the air.

Have a look:

Was there actually a previous record for “longest corkscrew jump”? Who knows. More importantly, who cares. Flying through the air in a spinning car for 92 feet is pretty awesome, record or no record.

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