Real Madrid Coach Jose Mourinho Celebrated Cristiano Ronaldo’s Goal Like Cristiano Ronaldo (Video)

real madrid coach jose mourinho celebrates goal

They don’t score many goals in soccer, so when they do put one in the net they like to celebrate like rock stars. And this has led to a number of amazing spectacles over the years.

For example, most recently a Houston Dynamo player celebrated a late PK goal by running straight off the field and down the tunnel. There was also a pretty crazy one in Japan back in May, when a player commemorated an amazing goal with one of the more elaborately choreographed celebrations you’ll ever see. And of course, who could forget Mario Balotelli‘s shirtless bodybuilder pose at Euro 2012 and the 5-year-old kid who imitated it?

This is a diverse sample of celebrations, but if there’s one thing they all have in common, it’s that they’re all performed by the person or persons physically responsible for the goal.

However, after Cristiano Ronaldo scored the go-ahead goal late in yesterday’s Champions League tilt between Real Madrid and defending EPL champs Manchester City, it wasn’t the goal scorer who provided the memorable celebration. It was his coach, Jose Mourhino.

Yep, after Ronoldo scored, Mourhino did the famous Ronaldo slide. Check it out:

mourhino knee slide celebration real madrid ronaldo

Good luck getting rid of those grass stains Jose.

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