Vernon Wells Didn’t Make The Catch, But Boy Did He Try (Video)

vernon wells goes over the wall trying to catch home run

Poor Vernon Wells.

I mean that figuratively, of course, because in actuality he’s ridiculously filthy rich. But we make fun of the guy any time the subject of terrible sports contracts comes up because he gets paid an ungodly amount of money to play pretty bad baseball.

However, you have to hand it to Vernon: he certainly does try to earn that $23 million he’s earning this year.

Take the play he didn’t make last night against the Texas Rangers, for example. Ian Kinsler ripped a shot out to left field that cleared the fence pretty easily for a solo home run. But Vernon stayed in hot pursuit until the very last minute, which led him to hop up and over the wall and into the stands.

Yeah, he got nowhere near the ball, but at least he got a fist bump of appreciation from one of the Angels fans who helped him back onto the field. And that must have felt pretty nice.

Have a look at the play for yourself:

So say what you want about Vernon’s contract. At least the man still takes pride in his job…Despite not being very good at it.

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